Terms and Conditions:

If any items appear to be damaged a refund will be accepted, read more below in the returns policy section for more information regarding this. All the items that are for sale within this store are brand new, and are made for order.

Returns Policy
Returns are not accepted on customised goods, we consider all our items to be customised as sizes/arc's have to be made. Our reason for this is each sticker is made for order, so once the decal has been produced it is no use to us. However we will accept returns if the fault is our problem, in which case we will offer a refund or replacement. In some cases a refund will be provided when the item has been returned. Before we send replacement stickers in some cases we will ask you to cut up the stickers before replacements are sent. In the event of a refund we deduct the postage cost from the amount refundable. Also we do not pay for return postage.

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Estimated Delivery Times
I will be able to dispatch the items every day of the week, all around the world providing you with the best possible service, the cost of shipping is FREE within the United Kingdom, £2.50 within Europe, and £3.70 for the rest of the world. Please allow time for your items to arrive for international orders.

We currently only accept PayPal which is voted the most secure way to send and receive payments.

Note: When purchasing an item(s) please make sure youre basket only contains items you wish to purchase, also please double check the total price to ensure your purchase is correct.

Reviews & Comments
We encourage you to leave reviews & comments on our website. We regularly monitor this content and we reserve the right to remove, reject or edit it at any time. When submitting information to our website as a review, product question or customer comment you understand that what you have submitted is not copyright protected and you are permitting its appearance on the website.